We devise, design and implement solutions for furnishing homes, offices, shops and contract furniture. Industrial craftsmanship, product quality and professional reliability: the excellence of Made in Italy.


All our projects are top quality, custom-made and highly innovative. We guarantee our customers full availability over time, after the supply has taken place.


Accurate compliance with delivery times and high reliability in the installation of our furniture solutions. All chosen designs and materials can be largely custom-fitted.

Our approach.

From design to the final produc

Live In is the ideal partner to design and create the furniture of your dreams. Each piece of furniture is custom-made and installed with masterful precision. We provide functional solutions to every housing need, enhancing free space and bringing harmony to the environment you live in.

  • Product quality
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Historicity
  • Accurate timing

Bringing your ideas to life

Industrial craftsmanship

The backbone of all of this is the people and handicraft. Aware of being artisans with their roots sunk deep in tradition, people give real added value to the finished product. Thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge production machinery and techniques, we have developed a synergy between industrial precision and craftsmanship; we blend various types of materials – from wood to iron, from glass to leather, thus managing to comply with even the most demanding requests, both in terms of style – classic, modern, contemporary – and concerning structure and building.

High-level carpentry

The company’s carpentry division is a specialist in the processing and painting of wooden materials – ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate essences – which, along with glass, steel and aluminum, ultimately allow to meet the needs of every style, from classic to contemporary.